UPC Technologie Boutique

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UPC Techology Boutique, Referenzbild

UPC Technologie Boutique

UPC is one of the leading enterprises in the communication and entertainment branch of Switzerland. In spring 2016 Detail Design managed to win an international design competition for the redesign of the UPC shop concept and was commissioned to realise the first six pilot projects. The new and very colourful branding of UPC named “bunte Bloom” gave us the initial inspiration for the creation of an equivalently colourful and floral shop design of never existing uniqueness. Our idea and vision was to embed the “bunte Bloom” symbolically into our “bunte Meadow” in order to bring the new shop design together with the new and colourful branding of the company.

interior view of the colourfull concept of UPC Technologie Boutique

Organic floor concept

The design of the new UPC shop concept is colourful and fresh. The entire furniture concept has been created and developed up on the principles of the floral and organic nature of the blossom. Not only the furniture, even the organic floor concept and the floral lighting at the ceiling are in perfect harmony with the entire design philosophy.

seating accommodation at the store

The entire design is fully elementary and modular. Hence all sizes and shapes of stores no matter how large or small angled or high they are – they can all be fitted out easily with components of the furniture family.

Retail space for mobile phones in the UPC Technology Boutique
colourfull seating accommodation at the store

Entertainment, Internet and Mobile Phones is offered in an inspiring retail environment of the UPC Shop design in the heart of Zurich. In the year 2017 other shops will follow in the larger Cities of Switzerland.

Detailed view of the retail space with mobile phones
modern retail space for mobile phones in the UPC Technology Boutique

Short Facts

Technologiegeschäft: 75 m2 Verkaufsfläche mit Mobiltelefonie

Baujahr: Der Umbau startete Ende Oktober 2016, die Wiedereröffnung fand im November 2016 statt

Bauherr: UPC Schweiz GmbH Schweiz

Die UPC Technologie Boutique, exterior view