Conceptual Architecture Switzerland

Architecture Switzerland

Blick auf das Gebäude der Klinik Valens, Aussenansicht

Conceptual Architecture Switzerland

A number of very interesting project studies have been elaborated by Detail Design over the past few years. All of our projects are designed in our computers and visualised with professional, photorealistic 3D renderings and virtual walk-throughs. Our competence in the conceptual architecture especially in the branches of gastronomy and museums created the basis for our company to participate in some very exciting design pitches. Some of these projects have been brought to live and some could very well be realised in the upcoming years.

entrance area of the glass cube at Lindt & Sprüngli Museum in Kilchberg

Project study for Lindt & Sprüngli

The Lindt & Sprüngli museum in Kilchberg was one of the technically challenging project studies, which we were invited to work out for Switzerland’s most famous chocolate producers. The transparent glass cube contains on one hand retail space and museum and on the other hand it offers spacious areas for gastronomy and lounge.

Glass cube at Lindt & Sprüngli museum in Kilchberg, exterior view

For the same design pitch Detail Design had decided to work out two full variation studies.

back view of the glass cube at Lindt & Sprüngli museum in Kilchberg, exterior view
plan view onto the museum

«Schlosshotel» in Leukerbad

The «Schlosshotel» in Leukerbad was planned as part of an urban development of the community. On one hand the heart of the village was redesigned with a completely new centre point and on the other hand three adjacent hotels were incorporated into this development process.

front face of the «Schlosshotel» in Leukerbad, exterior view
courtyard and pool area of the hotel in Leukerbad
back view of the «Schlosshotel» in Leukerbad, exterior view

Museum architecture project

Our first initial museum project in the environment of Zurich – modern and transparent architecture located directly next to the Lindt & Sprügli chocolate factory.

total view of the Lindt & Sprüngli Museum in Kilchberg, exterior view