«Bank Raiffeisenbank» Davos

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exterior view of the Bank Raiffeisenbank Davos by night

«Bank Raiffeisenbank» Davos

Cliffy mountains and sharp-edged rocks, rough and angled valleys, protective rock shelters and the lush green colour of mountain meadows and ice blue coloured, down dancing creeks… These are inspirations and experiences, which touch the hearts of people whilst visiting our country. The spectacular Swiss Alps – they also inspired and influenced us as architects and interior designers to create and realise a project in middle of this unique world of rocks and mountains. The location of the project and also its surrounding nature took centre stage in our creative visions.

Eingangsbereich der Raiffeisenbank Plättgau-Davos

Advisory banking

The Raiffeisenbank Davos-Prättigau has gone through a significant change from a transaction bank to an advisory bank. An open and very inviting reception hall has replaced the classic bank counter. Private and professional bank customers are being personally welcomed by the staff of the bank. Customer proximity and professional advisory services are increasingly important in the banking business.

Seitenansicht des Eingangsbereiches

Innovation made out of natural stone

Never before had someone been encouraged to design and build a suspended ceiling in natural stone. Detail Design have had this extraordinary creative idea of using stone as the main material for floors walls and ceilings all representing the natural environment of the Region of Grison.

Blick in einen Gang entlang der Besprechungsräume

World of services & experiences

The centrally located world of services & experiences materialised in stone and wood has been furnished with modern chalet style advisory cubes, consciously enhancing the individuality of the Grison Mountains.

Stillarbeits und Beratungsraum
Blick in die Küche und einen Stillarbeitsraum
Wartebereich in der Raiffeisenbank Davos

Architectonical gem

A Bank sculptured out of a rock has been brought to live at the Promenade of Davos-Platz. In autumn 2016, the new Raiffeisenbank is a true architectonical gem to the heart of the city of Davos.

Dachterasse der Raiffeisenbank Davos, Aussenbereich
Eingangsbereich de Raiffeisenbank Davos, Aussennsicht
Das Gebäude der Raiffeisenbank Davos, Aussenansicht
Gebäudeansicht der Raiffeisenbank Davos bei Nacht, Aussenansicht