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Room concept of terminal in Helsinki, interior view

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Over the past 15 years, Detail Design has designed, planned and brought to live a large number of projects at international airports worldwide. Apart from travel retail shops, airport bars and restaurants, we have now also commenced with the creation and realization of airport buildings and making them commercially successful and moreover an exciting experience for passengers. As architects and retail & F&B designers we are able to bring passenger’s requirements and expectations in terms of commerce and passenger’s experience to melt with attractive architecture. We expect this to be the future of successful international airports.

side face PIER ZERO Bar in Helsinki


A new shopping mile shall be designed and developed in the historical building of Terminal 2 in Helsinki Airport - shoulder to shoulder to the new Pier Zero Bar. Highlights will be spacious and fully branded retail shops, kiosks and event zones, nicely enveloped into original, contemporary and future orientated Scandinavian Design (made by Detail Design).

front face PIER ZERO Bar in Helsinki

Helsinki Terminal

Shopping area at the airport in Helsinki
Shopping area at the airport in Helsinki
Shopping area at the airport in Helsinki

Apart from the Pier Zero Bar the new “Sibelius Orchestra & Event Hall” named by the most famous Finnish composer of classic music shall become the absolute highlight of the airport. It will become one of the places to be at the airport and will provide an experience of Finnish classic music to all passengers.

view into the event hall of Sibelius Bar in Zürich
front face of the Sibelius Bar
view into the bar and event hall

With the new creation and commercialisation of terminal 2 and the combined design homage to Jean Sibelius, Helsinki Airport will settle in the top league of international airports.

Counter at the ground floor of the Sibelius Bar

Airport Berlin-Schönefeld

Side view of the Berlinale Bar in Berlin-Schönefeld Airport
Inside view Berlin Airport with installations
View of the seats of the Berlinale Bar in Berlin-Schönefeld Airport